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Sentinels of Creation: Book 5

Feel free to check out the progress bar above for a regularly updated status on how things are progressing with current projects.

Periodically, I need to reorganize the progress bars and clear out old information to make room for the new. Whenever I do this, I’ll be sure to make note of it as I’m doing now.

As you can now see above, I have finished with the alpha draft for Book 5: A Crucible of Order (ACoO) and have printed my beta copies. Once I receive those beta books I’ll begin further incrementing that first bar to represent my having distributed them to beta readers. I’ll also increment when important things happen like my getting beta edits back from those reviewers.

You can certainly hold my feet to the fire here and make sure there are no slip-ups, but at least for right now, everything is on track of A Crucible of Order to be ready in Print, e-Book, and Audiobook by January, 2020.

Now, how about some additional exciting news. I have just submitted the beta-version of my story for JR Handley’s Storming Area 51 Anthology. Truth be told, I’m pretty jazzed about this. My contribution is called, Isabella’s Campaign, clocks in at just about 14,000 words, and I think I wrote the whole thing in under ten days. Sometimes a story just leaps out of you and when that happens, you don’t ask questions, you just type as if the devil himself is on your ass.

Stay tuned for more information, including official launch date, which should be sometime in September of THIS year. I’ll provide a link to JR’s overall Storming Area 51 page when it’s available.

In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing some of the social media buzz that served as the genesis for his anthology, check out the Storming Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All Facebook page.