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A Crucible of Order & Paradigm: 2045

Feel free to check out the progress bar above for a regularly updated status on how things are progressing with current projects.

Periodically, I need to reorganize the progress bars and clear out old information to make room for the new. Whenever I do this, I’ll be sure to make note of it as I’m doing now.

As you can now see above, I have finished Book 5: A Crucible of Order (ACoO) and incorporated all beta feedback except that provided by Nick. Yes, it’s taken me nearly five years, but he finally feels comfortable giving me feedback during the audiobook prepping process. However, any such feedback will be represented in the audiobook progress bar which you see above.

You can certainly hold my feet to the fire here and make sure there are no slip-ups, but at least for right now, everything is on track of A Crucible of Order to be ready in Print, e-Book, and Audiobook by January, 2020.

Since I last updated this section of the site, my novella has been published within JR Handley’s Storming Area 51 Anthology. Truth be told, I’m pretty jazzed about this. My contribution is called, Isabella’s Campaign, clocks in at just about 14,000 words, and I think I wrote the whole thing in under ten days. Sometimes a story just leaps out of you and when that happens, you don’t ask questions, you just type as if the devil himself is on your ass. It is currently available in both Print and E-Book, with an audiobook version to follow sometime soon.

Finally, if you’ve been to my Author’s Facebook page, you know I am currently working on a new series with the working title Paradigm. As currently envisioned, it will be a sci-fi trilogy with the first book set in 2045. I’ve updated the progress bars above to reflect the work I’m doing on it.

There may even be a tiny bit of crossover happening between Sentinels and Paradigm. Not sure yet, but, regardless, I hope my SoC readers will enjoy Paradigm as well.