Life Cycle


At Spartamac we have discovered that there tends to be a cadence to how our clients experience their digital life. Rather than trying to fit you into how we do things, we have adapted our entire client service model to fit you. That’s the Spartamac Life Cycle Service approach.



Every journey has a beginning and we want to make sure your journey with both Spartamac and Apple products begins in the best way possible. That’s why we created Spartamac - Start, a suite of services to ensure that you get the best start possible.

  • What to buy -- We offer a unique service for each new Spartamac client, a free 30 minute consultation where we identify your needs and craft an individual start-up plan.

  • PC to Mac migration -- While Apple makes migration as easy as possible, unfortunately the same cannot be said for many PC products. Spartamac will make your transition from PC to Mac as seamless as possible, getting you up and running with your new Apple products with as little downtime as possbile.

  • Data Migration and Setup -- Some day you will want to replace that old Mac, iPad, or iPhone or add some new ones to the family, when you do, Spartamac will makes sure that all your important data and settings make the trip. Our goal is that when you turn on that new product, it feels as familiar as the old one, just shinier and faster.

  • Software -- A Mac or iOS product without great Apps is like a Porsche without gas; it looks and is built great, but isn’t going to get you very far. Spartamac has used and tested, literally, thousands of Apps and we will know the ones that fit you best. Because of this, we offer a free App recommendation service whenever you engage us for any of our other services. We also offer discounted bundles of key apps which we will install and for which we provide initial training.

  • Hardware -- For many users, Networking is like some kind or arcane magic that when it works, is awesome, but when it doesn’t we just have no idea what to do. Spartamac engineers are experts at your network and can ensure it’s best performance. If you want your Macs, iPhone, iPads, Printers, and TVs to all have wonderful, seamless, conversations with each other, Spartamac will make that happen for you.



Apple products are known for their consistency and ease of use, however they are also quite powerful. And, as we all know, with great power, comes great responsibility. We consider it our responsibility to ensure our clients get the best out of Apples great software.

  • Training
    • We have certified trainers who can make you rockstars with all the major aspects of Apple Software: OS X, iOS, iLife, an iWork. When new versions come out, we have had access to development versions for months, so are only a phone call away to help you get up to speed on all the new features and functions.

  • Tuning
    • Apple products are pretty resilient and do not degrade overtime just because they are used.  That said, sometimes, our clients, whom we love dearly, do some things that cause their Apple products to misbehave. When this happens, we offer a tuning service to get your Mac back in tip-top shape while also giving you some “care and feeding” tips on how to avoid problems in the future.

  • Back-Up
    • More and more our lives are stored digitally. That shoebox full of precious family pictures are now stored on hard drives and in the cloud. At Spartamac, we believe those memories must be protected and have developed an extremely robust approach to ensuring that, short of the zombie apocalypse, you will always be able to get them back from more minor disasters.

  • OS X Upgrades
    • About every year, Apple, releases a major OS upgrade. These are big deals, and offer lots of new features and functions. They also offer an opportunity for Apps you really like to, well, stop working.  Since Spartamac has access to all of these upgrades months in advance, we will know what works, what doesn’t, and if there are any ways to get around problems. We happen to believe that a once-a-year upgrade is not something our clients should have to deal with. If you agree, just let us know and we’ll upgrade all the Macs in your home for one low price.




Inevitably things go wrong. MacBooks get dropped. Coffee gets spilled on things. Older machines have parts fail. Networks just stop working. Macs need more RAM installed.

Some of these things can be fixed on-site by our technical team, and some require a bit of off-site, internal surgery. We can help you distinguish the difference, fix the fixable, and even handle the whole process of getting your ailing Apple products back in tip-top shape. Don’t relish braving the crowds at your local Apple Store? We're not fond of it either, but because we love our clients, we'll take that on for you and get your fully-functional products back to you as soon as possible.




There’s a pretty big difference between understanding how to use Apple presentation and movie making Apps, and mastering them. Our staff are highly trained in all of Apple’s productivity and media creation apps. If you have a critical presentation for work or want to make a memorable movie or slideshow that brings tears to your family’s eyes, we will take the time to understand your objectives and build the best media presentation you’ve ever seen.