Every journey has a beginning, and we want to make sure your journey with both Spartamac and Apple products begins in the best way possible, so we've created a suite of services to ensure that you hit the ground running. We can help you decide what devices are best to purchase, recommend Apps from the thousands we've tested to find the ones that fit you best, transfer data from old devices to new ones, and help get everything set up just the way you like. And if networking your house is like some arcane magic to you, don't worry, we can take care of that too.


Things go wrong. MacBooks get dropped. Older machines have parts fail. Macs need more RAM. Some of these things can be fixed on-site by our technical team, and some require off-site surgery. We'll help you distinguish the difference and handle the whole process of getting your Apple gear back in tip-top shape. And if the repair ends up being beyond our scope of service, we'll even handle getting it to and from the shop for you, and get your fully-functional products back to you as soon as possible.


Apple products are known for their consistency and ease of use, however they are also quite powerful. And, as we all know, with great power, comes great responsibility. We consider it our responsibility to ensure our clients get the best out of Apples great software. From Training on all of Apple's consumer and pro software offerings, to tuning and upgrading a machine to perform at it's best, as well as insuring that all your precious digital memories are backed up securely, Spartamac will help you use your Apple device to its full potential.


There’s a pretty big difference between understanding how to use Apple productivity and media creation Apps, and mastering them. Our staff are highly trained in all of Apple’s productivity and media creation apps. If you have a critical presentation for work or want to make a memorable movie or slideshow that brings tears to your family’s eyes, we will take the time to understand your objectives and build the best media presentation you’ve ever seen. 

Around C3’s offices, the team at Spartamac are known as “The Christine Whisperer” because whenever I have a tech issue, I just calmly call or text them. Before Spartamac, it was not always like that. They have an incredibly impressive knowledge of all things Mac - past, present and future. Their response time is quick, and issues are resolved within a reasonable amount of time. I run a business based on time-sensitive client deliverables, and Spartamac helps keeps my systems humming so I can keep my clients happy. Four stars!
— Christine Courtney-Myers, CEO/Founder
Spartamac is a company that I can delightfully recommend! I purchased 3 MacBook Air laptops for our interior design team. They walked us through setting them up, helped us choose the programs and apps that would be most useful and then trained us how to use these programs. The team at Spartamac adapted to our different team members abilities and styles, so that we could each learn at our own pace and in our own way. We had so much fun in this training and learned a bunch!
— Stephanie Andrews, President