I was having trouble keeping my email messages synced on all my iDevices, since I was using POP. I knew IMAP was the way to go. I own a small graphic design and web development shop, and synced email is important for keeping track of Client needs. But, a friend referred me to Robert at Spartamac and we discussed the issue, and then, less than 1 hour later, he had walked me through several settings that got it working. The time I spent working on it myself, off and on over a couple weeks, was far longer than the one hour I spent on the phone getting it right. Thanks Robert!

Mark Misenheimer

Oh my gosh! Jonathan of Spartamac is fabulous! Might be my new hero.

Lisa Weldon
Creative Strategist

I contacted Spartamac after spinning my wheels for 2 years without a proper backup of my MacBook Pro. I had inadvertently created multiple backup files through a series of moves and network reconfigurations. It was a mess that I needed to untangle. Jonathan knew right where to start and quickly put me on the path to sanity again. Within 24 hours, the issue was resolved and I had a fresh backup of my entire computer.  I couldn’t be happier! 

Brandon Sutton
Owner, Culture

"Around C3’s offices, Jonathan is known as “The Christine Whisperer” because whenever I have a tech issue, I just calmly call or text Jonathan. Before Jonathan, it was not always like that. He has an incredibly impressive knowledge of all things Mac - past, present and future. His response time is quick and issues are resolved within a reasonable amount of time. I run a business based on time-sensitive client deliverables, Jonathan helps keeps my systems humming so I can keep my clients happy. Four stars!"

Christine Courtney-Myers

"I was referred to Jonathan through some business associates. I was finding that my computer was being slow and uncooperative, and as a small business owner, needed it working quickly and efficiently. He immediately identified some key issues and provided recommendations on how to fix the problem. And voila! My system is now running better than ever! I found his service to be personable and proactive - and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for IT solutions."

Tia Clarida
Owner, k101 Agency

"I was very excited to discover Spartamac. My previous IT guys were all PC oriented who only dabbled in Apple products. I was thrilled to discover someone who was focused on Apple products. The fact that they also train only makes them more valuable as they are happy to share tips of the trade that make your life easier....and more productive. I have had to use Jonathan a couple of times to upgrade one system and help with the latest system upgrade on the other. He has also been able to assist me remotely on occasion. I would recommend them without reservation!"

Robert Ross
Ross Design

"I have many Mac computers and they were a mess.  I used to be on top of things, but a plethora of new products and just general procrastination had me dealing with full computers running slow and a large avoidance syndrome.  I had the best appointment with Jonathan from Spartamac today.  In about 3 hours he came up with strategies to reduce clutter and organize my computers, files, music and other media.  It was the best 3 hours I’ve spent in a long time.  Now I just need to follow through…."


"Spartamac is a company that I can delightfully recommend! I purchased 3 MacBook Air laptops for our interior design team. Jonathan walked us through setting them up, helped us choose the programs and apps that would be most useful and then trained us how to use these programs. Jonathan adapted to our different team members abilities and styles, so that we could each learn at our own pace and in our own way.  We had so much fun in this training and learned a bunch!"

Stephanie Andrews
Balance Design Atlanta

"I have had the pleasure to work with Jonathan Moore of Spartamac on multiple occasions. Not only is he an expert in Apple technology, he is a thorough and patient teacher that is able to relate to and communicate with all types of people. From millennials to boomers, I have observed (and have experienced personally) his ability to teach and empower his clients of all ages.

Jonathan has a high level of professionalism and is an expert in his field. In addition, he is a natural problem-solver. He is not only good at finding solutions but he genuinely wants to resolve his client's issues, even if less traditional, creative solutions/thinking have to be employed. I have never had issue that Jonathan could not resolve or find a "work around." I highly recommend Spartamac!"

Rachel Selber
Brand Evangelist and Marketing Consultant for Emerging Brands

"Jonathan knows his stuff. He's knowledgeable, reliable, patient, and creative. I would highly recommend him to solve your computer needs both technically and educationally. Spartamac's the best."

Phil Parker
Professional Speaker and Author

"Jonathan from Spartamac has the unique ability to present technical information in an easy-to-understand format. He is adept at various teaching styles, making him successful at communicating material across a wide range of skill levels. He is incredibly personable and has excellent listening skills, allowing him to be an effective problem-solver. He is skilled, knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend Spartamac for IT consultation, implementation, training and design solutions."

Deborah Thompson
Inspired Reflections

"l have searched for years for someone who understands the problem, can update how our computers/devices are linked and can re-format the inputted information to function optimally across our offices devices. I have engaged several companies over the past five years but problems were generally made worse rather than resolved.

Spartamac thoroughly evaluated our computers/devices, reviewed the data and developed a game plan to effectively upgrade our office so that it functions properly. This process was done with a minimum of inconvenience to us and was implemented efficiently and effectively. The customized instructions that you provided helped us keep the system organized and functional going forward. 

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to praise the work that Spartamac has done for us. The process went flawlessly. I am delighted with the fabulous results from your company."

Jimmy Glenn
Southprop, Inc