Welcome to Spartamac

We're an Apple technology based consulting firm that excels at providing end-to-end support for our clients.

We serve both individuals and small to medium sized businesses. Whether you just bought your first Mac or you are about to convert your whole office to Apple products, Spartamac can design a solution based on your needs and ensures that it will all “just work.”

We will get you started by helping determine what hardware and software you need.  We’ll get you trained up on both, and can make sure that everything stays tuned-up, backed-up, and up-to-date. Of course, sometimes things just break, and when they do, we can get you back up and running.

If you’re too busy to finish that presentation for work, or maybe just need a slideshow created for a family gathering, we can also just as easily create some of the best presentations, movies, and slideshows for whatever kind of event you have coming up.

We offer retainer based, fixed price, and hourly services, so explore our site, find what you need and contact us.  We’ll take great care of you.