Sentinels of Creation: Book 1, A Power Renewed

Out of the smoldering ruins of the war in heaven, the Archangels Raphael and Michael cannot believe the agreement made between God and his Morning Star, Lucifer. Unwilling to either destroy the fallen angel or leave him with a free hand upon the world, God sets in motion a struggle that will span the millennia from creation to present day. Two Sentinels are invested with the ability to bend the laws of creation to their will and each represents the primal forces of Order and Chaos. Throughout the centuries, Micah ben Judah has shouldered the burden of keeping legions of unnatural creatures in check, but no more. The time has come for Raphael to renew the Sentinel's power in another. He has found that successor in current day Atlanta. Kellan Thorne never thought he would ever have an angel come knocking. Sarcastic, irreverent, and prone to fits of profanity, Kellan is more at home making obscure references to Doctor Who and Star Wars than religious introspection. His life will change forever as the veil between worlds is torn free and he is placed at the center of a war of angels and demons in which he may be the biggest prize. Kellan must accept the power and burden of his own free will, but can Micah and Raphael keep him alive long enough to decide?

Sentinels of Creation: Book 2, A tale of two gardens

It's been slightly over a year since Kellan Thorne first accepted the Sentinel's mantel, and its power was renewed in him. He thought destroying an Arch Demon and banishing his Chaotic opposite would have brought him more respite than it did. Now Creation itself is under threat, by a Cabal of Angels and Demons who have found a way to shatter the foundational pillars of Time itself. This dire warning is brought to the young Sentinel by an unlikely messenger, who risks all to enlist the aid of God's unchecked hand on the world. Kellan must decide if he will stay true to his dead master's teachings and oppose all unnatural beings, or risk everything by trusting that they might rise above their natures in defense of a common threat. This sets off a whirlwind effort that crosses both centuries and miles, as Kellan, Shannon, Meghan, and new allies try desperately to stay one step ahead of the Cabal. Their efforts will take them back to medieval Scotland and through modern day Egypt, Ethiopia, and Vatican City. Along the way, Kellan will face new threats and form new alliances as his motley crew does its best to prevent the Cabal from destroying all our yesterdays.

Sentinels of Creation: Book 3, A wizard’s Soul

Kellan Thorne loves the Christmas season above all else. He plans a well-deserved rest consisting of parties with friends and watching Christmas classics with Shannon. The Sentinel definitely wants to avoid anything more supernatural than the spirits seen by Dicken's Ebenezer Scrooge. However, fate has different plans for Kellan and his Soulborn who find themselves swept up with gods, goddesses, and mantles of immense power. As the eternal battle between order and chaos continues to play out, Kellan quickly finds himself at odds with forces beyond both his understanding and ability to control. Lucifer weaves new webs of intrigue with which he seeks to entrap both Meghan and Juliet and pits Maurius against Kellan at every turn. New and familiar allies put their lives on the line as an enigmatic Druid from Kellan's past promises the Sentinel power sufficient to make both the mountains of heaven and caverns of hell quake with fear. Such tremendous strength comes at a price which Kellan and Shannon must decide if they are willing to pay. To safeguard all those he holds dear, Kellan must breach a celestial treasury sealed shut at the dawn of creation and pull forth a wizard's soul.

Sentinels of Creation: Book 4, A burden of chaos

Merlin’s final words haunt the Sentinel’s dreams. Kellan’s eidetic memory replays them with perfect clarity each night since he breached the guff and withdrew three human souls.Now, more than a year later, both he and his Soulborn wife are visited by an entity who channeled Universal power to enter our world from another. This Emissary of Destruction provides the young Sentinel with a gift of unimaginable power and a dire warning.This combination sets Kellan on a journey which takes him to the land of Fae. There he must gain support from the Fairy King and Queen. Unfortunately, all Fae extract a price commensurate with the help they provide, and Kellan is no exception. The royals send him to confront historic evils and tragedy in return for empowering the emissary’s gift.As well laid plans built by Mantels, gods, and other immortals hurtle toward their conclusion only one element could not have been anticipated. What would the Sentinel of Order do to honor departed friends and protect those who remain? Kellan has risked his life many times for those he loves. Is he now also willing to accept, A Burden of Chaos.