George Patsouras


George Patsouras provides all the artwork for Sentinels of Creation. He has always been passionate for art for as long as he could remember. He started drawing very early in his childhood and hasn’t stopped since. Early during his teenage years he was introduced to Digital Painting and became instantly hooked. George loved the freedom this medium offered and found he could be most creative using this format.  It also helps that this is pretty much the standard now when it comes to creating commercial Illustrations.

George started freelancing during his late teens and has been revising his technique since to be able to Illustrate a variety of themes, from Fantasy Artwork to Caricature work.  He specializes primarily in stylized realism, and finds that this style suits him quite well as he is able to create convincing Illustrations, regardless of the theme.  He enjoys this type of freedom in his work and doesn’t ever want to constrict his art to any one particular subject. He simply wants to be comfortable in creating art across a variety of themes and subjects.

In addition to providing cover and character art for Sentinels of Creation, George also works with a variety of Board Game and Card Game companies illustrating work ranging from Fantasy Art to Horror. He enjoys this type of freedom and is humbled that he gets paid to illustrate work that he loves.

He hopes you enjoy his work as well, and asks that people never feel shy to contact him for any questions, comments, or business inquiries.