Audiobook in Production

Here’s the news that I know many of you have been waiting for. Yes, Burdens of Chaos is now officially in production. What does that mean exactly? Well, that’s the purpose of this post.

There are several stages of Audiobook production and I’ve learned the hard way over the years that some stages can be completed concurrently while others have to be done in sequence.

First comes the Prep. This is where the voice actor, in my case Nick, reads through the entire manuscript and does whatever magic alchemy he does to block out characters in preparation for recording. He also identifies typos and inconsistencies, in my case lots of typos and few inconsistencies. I’d rather it be few of both, but if I had to choose, Typos < Inconsistencies :-)

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First Update: A Crucible of Order

Hi Everyone!

I’m hoping to update this blog on a regular basis so between checking here and the Current Writing section of this site, you should be able to stay abreast of all the current goings on. Since I was a fan of SciFi and Fantasy long before publishing my first novel, I understand how frustrating it can be to wonder when the next installment of of a favorite series will be coming out. Is the author working on it? Is he slacking off and laying on a beach somewhere? Did he become angry with one of his main characters and punish them by not writing their series (yes this happens). Well, I don’t ever want to leave folks wondering so promise to do my very best to keep everyone fully informed.

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Hello World

Welcome to Spartamac Publishing’s first blog post. Spartamac Publishing is a small, independent, imprint. It supports author’s writing in three primary genres: High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Science Fiction.

Currently, Spartamac has published four Print, Kindle, and Audiobook titles in the Sentinels of Creation series by author Robert W. Ross.

Beginning in late 2020, we will release a new Science Fiction series with the working title of Paradigm.

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