Storming Area 51


This is pretty exciting.  I have a novella contributed to the Storming Area 51 anthology.  It’s called “Isabella’s Campaign,” and I think you guys will really like it.

There are 34 other authors who are contributing to this particular title and it’s available for pre-sale now by clicking on the image.

If you haven’t heard about the September 20th Storming Area 51 event, just click through on the Storming Area 51 Facebook link.

Basically, I assume it started out as a lark, but now somewhere north of 3.5 Million people have either stated they are going or interested in going to a Storming event at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. I mean what could go wrong? It’s not like the place is a live-fire military facility with top secrets to hide. Oh wait, it is.

So, if just 1% of these folks actually do what they say they will do, that’s over 35,000 people. Anyway, the anthology is comprised of 35 different stories all describing the fun, idiocy, and lunacy of the situation. Hope you enjoy it. Please let us know!