Fanboy Time!

So, yeah, this happened.   Larry Niven stopped by my table at the Author’s Fantasy Gather Friday night.

I had met Larry earlier in the day when he and I were signing together.  I showed up a few minutes early and there was a pretty big line.  I was pretty excited, then found out the long line was for Larry and the much shorter line was for me.

If you don’t know Larry Niven, then you need to. He’s a living legend and one of the veritable Deans of Science Fiction. He wrote the Ringworld series, The Mote in God’s Eye, and countless others.

More importantly than all that, he liked my book. Ok, I jest, it’s not more important than all that, but he did like my book or at least the back of it and the first ten pages or so he read while at my table. If that wasn’t enough, he was going to buy it and have me sign the bloody thing.

Let me restate the ludicrousness of this situation. Larry Niven wanted me to sign a book…for him. I was looking around for hidden cameras. Anyway, it was super cool, I gave him the book and joked that his money wasn’t good with me, but that I’d certainly accept a forward on my next book.

Sadly, he also believed I was joking, when I secretly wasn’t, so no Niven forward will be adorning A Crucible of Order :-P

Still and all, a very cool experience and one I’ll not soon forget.

Robert RossComment